Strong Coffee ! by Craig Sunter - Thanx 2 Million ;-))

A Coffee and a Thought (or Two) Friday

Jeff and I watched the movie Whiplash last night with some friends and, oh boy, it was intense. I was feeling a bit drained when it was all said and … Continue Reading →

Beauty contest winners at the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, Florida by Florida Memory

Competing Comparisons

It can be so easy to tell other women they look great, to not worry about a number on the scale or a clothing label, that the main thing is … Continue Reading →

by myself by Kristina Alexanderson

A Coffee and Some Venting Friday

It’s one of those days where I can’t seem to settle on a particular idea for a post, and as it has been awhile since I’ve done a random list … Continue Reading →

Hummingbird in Winter by Dawn Ellner

It’s One of Those Days

It’s another one of those days where I am not at all sure what to write. A couple of things have been put to page only to be trashed for … Continue Reading →

Cup's Coffee Bar by Snazzo

A Coffee and Some Fitting In Friday

I find myself learning (slowly) to pray (and mean it), “God, help me to be the me You designed me to be.” Because it can be hard not only in … Continue Reading →