150929-coffe e-cup-red by r. nial bradshaw

A Coffee and Some “Only This” Friday

This week I have wanted (amongst other things): – more time at home in the morning. – more time without the phone ringing at work. – more time to spend … Continue Reading →

Clouds passing by ... by Nikos Koutoulas

tense …?

Shoulders up by my ears /limbs stiff extra|force FOR wiping up around a bathroom sink powdering one’s face erasing pencil marks M o r e  r o o m  i … Continue Reading →

Coffee...Feeling Hopeful by Carrie Baughcum

A Coffee and Not a Friday #2

Jeff and I were at a barbeque hosted by his place of employment a couple of weeks ago; later in the evening one of his coworkers asked me if I … Continue Reading →

stock78 by stockicide

Watch Your Mouth

My husband and I really enjoy The RELEVANT Podcast. I may have mentioned that before if not here, then numerous times on my Twitter feed, and usually after the Friday … Continue Reading →

brushes by Dean Hochman

On Broad Strokes

I hate painting walls. Hate. It. Not with a fiery, burning passion, mind you. But I will, with the utmost of begrudging feelings (and expressions, because my poker face is … Continue Reading →