something to read and enough coffee by bibliothekarin

A Coffee and Some Links Friday

The clock’s a-ticking and as such I’m going to dive right in with some things I’m reading or have read and am pondering: I can trip down the negative path … Continue Reading →

Lone Wolf III by Hartwig HKD

Push Back the Darkness

I was looking for pictures of darkness on last night. Because that’s what one does after reading of nine-year old girls, An ocean away, Taken away from their mommas … Continue Reading →

I dream of Coffee by English Rose247

A Coffee and Some Thoughts (After a Fashion) Friday

Have you ever taken the Myer-Briggs Personality Test? I’ve taken it a few times now, trying to see if I’ll get a different result depending on how I answer things, … Continue Reading →

0710 old lock by David Morris

Catching Up Amidst a Goodbye

To say I’m mourning or grieving the recent loss of a school classmate would, in my mind, do a disservice to those who are deeply mourning the loss of a … Continue Reading →

be my valentine (cc) by Martin Fisch

Looking for Wisdom & Understanding

Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice? ~Proverbs 8:1 (NIV)     And so I’ve been in need of some wisdom lately. Or at least some … Continue Reading →