Something's Brewing by The Wandering Angel

A Coffee and Some Imperfections Friday

I sit here, wanting to be honest, wanting to not buff and polish things until they reflect the best possible light but unable to string together even a roughly cobbled … Continue Reading →

"Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph, "His Master's Voice", The Original RCA Music Puppy Dog Logo Symbol for Advertising by Bevery & Pack

Musical Pick-Me-Ups

I love music. I love to sing loudly when no one can hear me. I love how a well-composed melody can stir the soul and lift the spirit. I love … Continue Reading →

old cup in the toilets office by francois schnell

A Coffee and Some Regretful Regression Friday

I’m not sure which was the first domino to fall last week, but I have found myself tumbling backward into old safety/comfort zones at a frighteningly steady rate: Frittering away … Continue Reading →

goodbye by woddleywonderworks

Every Time We (I) Say Goodbye

Every time we say goodbye, I die a little Every time we say goodbye, I wonder why a little* I sit here, avoiding putting words to page, to strings of … Continue Reading →

Photo Credit: David Leggett ©2010 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

Revisiting: A Coffee and an Empty Tomb Friday

I  was thinking about what to post for Good Friday this year, and was looking for a different post from a few years ago to share here again, actually. But … Continue Reading →