mY OnLy ADdicTion' by jimmy brown

A Coffee and Some Habits Friday

Last week when Jeff dropped me off at our local Chapters while he checked out the game store (the dear man does this so I have extra time to browse), … Continue Reading →

Paris by Mike_fleming

Avoiding a Premature Ending

Whenever Jeff and I talk about future big holiday plans/ideas, I always mention Europe. It’s not that I did not thoroughly enjoy our time in Fiji, or Mexico, or Disneyland. … Continue Reading →



It’s probably true for more people than not, so I realize I’m not the only one to say there is only so much sifting through of things I can handle … Continue Reading →

Day 2 - Plans by Simon James

A Coffee and Dream Confidantes Friday

Sometimes I wonder if dreams/goals/plans are trickier to navigate for people of faith as they have the extra question to answer of, “Is this God’s will for my life?” because … Continue Reading →

Running shoes by daniMU

On My 2nd Moonlight Run

I finally beat me. No, I didn’t become embroiled in some weird Hollywood-inspired dreamscape where I was fighting my clone/long-lost identical twin sister. It was something crazier than that: This … Continue Reading →