'20101028 - take off delay - IMG_8155' by N i c o l a

A Coffee and Some Summer Plans Friday

In a little over a week’s time I will be in Amsterdam! How do trips always sneak up on you? Seriously. Worse than my cat when I’m trying to eat … Continue Reading →

'Georgetown' by E.N.K

A Coffee and Some Prep Friday

Oh. My. Goodness. In two weeks/14 days/336 hours (more or less), I’m going to be on my way to Amsterdam. With my older sister and her daughter. The husbands are … Continue Reading →

'Image from page 38 of "My flag and my boy, and other war poems" (1918)' published on Flickr by Internet Archive Book Images

a grace

it’s easy to talk grace & love & mercy to friends, to loved ones, to “the penitent” but those who hurt us but those who hurt the ones we love … Continue Reading →

morning coffee cups by Stacy Spensley

A Coffee and Some Thoughts Friday

People on my Facebook news feed have been letting me know recently about all the things that are outraging/disgusting/righteously indignating them. (Yes, I’m deciding indignating gets to be a word … Continue Reading →

birght sky? 4 by Mathieu Cheviron

Permission for Sad Days

Have you ever not allowed yourself to be sad about something? Figuring you somehow didn’t have the right, be it due to choices made or not made, to missed opportunities … Continue Reading →