Luna sleeping by igKnition

Happy Places

Night before last Jeff and I were talking for a bit before bed when he, in the way he so often does, gently pointed out perhaps it was time for … Continue Reading →

4-way traffic circle warning sign by Richard Drdul

Round and Round

I was very recently reminded (only yesterday, actually) of how easy it is to get into Bible-based debates/discussions/arguments. Oh, I can say I just want to have a discussion, a … Continue Reading →

Coffee on the Curb by Anita Hart

A Coffee and Some Finish Lines Friday

A co-worker of mine has been on vacation for the last few weeks, and while I’m glad for them to have had the time away to enjoy a long planned-for … Continue Reading →

Autumn in DC by Vladimer Shioshvili

About Autumn

Jeff and I are big fans of the Relevant Podcast. Eagerly we await Download Day (normally a Friday), wondering if perhaps we should go a mini road trip so we … Continue Reading →

Is falling down all that I've ever know by Vincepal

Comeback (Come Back)

Weary. Tired (of hearing me prattle on about me) (of tripping over the same thing(s) over and over again). Too much of this life clamors with Look At Me! Too … Continue Reading →