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A Coffee and Some Time Away Friday

“For travel to be delightful, one must have a good place to leave and return to.” -Frederick B. Wilcox This first week of Jeff’s and mine summer vacation has been … Continue Reading →


Some Summer Reading

I discovered unless I’m going to Fiji for eight days, there is no point in bringing a lot of books with me when I go away on a vacation. The … Continue Reading →

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I have had to make a conscious effort the last couple of days to relax. Work was very busy up until the final workday minutes this past Friday, and immediately … Continue Reading →

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A Coffee and As You Are Friday

I remember a conversation from years ago with my father-in-law wherein he said he would come to God “… once I’ve got things together.” And I couldn’t chide him or … Continue Reading →

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On Hidden Things

There are writers I envy at times, for the way they capture moments, evoke a mood or a feeling, for the way they share their lives so honestly and beautifully, … Continue Reading →