coffee in the alley by Marko Bajlovic

A Coffee and Not a Friday

Hey, it’s Saturday! Wow. The usual Friday blog post did not happen for two reasons: Thursday evening I was part of the small group lending help and support to my … Continue Reading →

things are looking up this year by Lauren Mitchell

look up

look up look up to heaven to god to others look look up look away (for a bit) from you get the picture (whole, not a snippet) look not (for … Continue Reading →

'There's a spider in my coffee ... (sing to the tune of that gnarles barkley song)' by .shyam

A Coffee and Some Ramblings Friday

Honestly, my inclination was to blow off doing a blog post for today. After a Thursday night out with my hubby where we went out for handmade dumplings followed by … Continue Reading →

'Stewardess schenkt koffie op een vlucht naar Rome _ Stewardess serves coffee on a flight to Rome by Nationaal Archief

A Coffee and Some Recollections (Maybe?) Friday

It amazes me still how quickly a big trip can, all of a sudden, be upon you after weeks and weeks of planning, anticipation, and nervousness. My trip to Europe … Continue Reading →

Country Roads Take Me (Far From) Home by Jellaluna

One Thing (But Probably More Than One)

I have this bad habit. (And it’s not my only one, but it’s getting late on a Monday night as I write this and I want to sleep. And have … Continue Reading →