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A Coffee and an Empty Tomb Friday

In case you were wondering, I’m still listening to Rivers in the Wasteland by Needtobreathe a lot. I know – going on three days later and amazingly I still love … Continue Reading →

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Pondering in Progress

I’m sitting here, listening to Needtobreathe’s new album Rivers in the Wasteland and being wonderfully distracted from the task at hand. Namely, unwrapping this following passage from the Bible: Finally, … Continue Reading →

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I Like Graphic Tees (I Will Not Lie)

I like graphic T-shirts. This is not a shocking revelation to anyone who knows me in 3D life, mind you. I have merrily shown up at church with T-shirts from … Continue Reading →

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A Coffee and Some Fun Finds Friday

Guys, time moves fast. Or so it seems to when my coffee is cooling, other commitments are waiting, and I’m looking to round out some of my fun Internet finds. … Continue Reading →

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Love Not Drama

I was perusing the old Twitter feed a little while ago where the following mini-missive laid hold of more than my eyeballs: When recommending folks to follow who write about … Continue Reading →