A Coffee and a Short Post Friday

Look, Ma! I’m not doing . . . anything . . . *

“Don’t just talk about it, Michelle – do it!”

The above is a paraphrased quote courtesy of my mother.

Man, it’s like she knows me, to hear her talk to me about figuring out what I want to write, what I can write, and to then do it, not just talk about it. Because I can do a great job of talking about all the things I’m going to do. Things like:

–       Cleaning and de-cluttering my house.
–       Posting a story online in a serial-type format.
–       Starting each day with devotions.
–       Practicing hospitality.

But then actually doing those things? Well, um, yeah . . . It’s not good. I’m not proud of all my empty words. And I don’t want to add to them by talking about “unclear goals” or “ill-defined plans” or “failure to plan at all”. Suffice to say I have failed to act.  Repeatedly. As such, I’m going to miss most of the Finish Year goals I set for this year.

However, the year is not over yet.

Not for another 80+ days.

As such, I will take hold of the remaining “todays” and do my best to make the most of each one. And the main focus will be on writing. Not talking about writing or planning to write. But writing.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a story to work on. (Because Mom, I am getting it figured out. And doing something with it. :) )

*Photo Credit: CJ Sorg © 008 (Flickr via Creative Commons)


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