A Coffee and Some Unfinished Business Friday

I was reading a blurb on Amazon for a book recommendation from the ever-delightful Jamie, when I came across the following five words innocuously strung together in one of the book’s listed endorsements:

. . .the unfinished business of grace.

These words grabbed my attention, demanding I jot them down somewhere so as not to forget them. So I did, because these are words I need to mull over, consider, look at from a few different angles. Because all too often I think grace is a finished business, that the door is closed and locked for the day. “No more grace for you!” I hear in a disturbingly Soup Nazi-like voice.

Running out of coffee . . . and grace?^

For I have messed up too often, failed a few too many times, whether it’s with my husband, family members, friends . . . particularly God. Too often I find myself thinking (and acting like) I have depleted any sort of compassion, good will, and/or “benefit of the doubt” when I fall short. I see, but fail to fully grasp, the width and breadth and depth of God’s love for me, to lay hold of His great grace and tender mercies.

I forget I am a work-in-progress, and that I basically will be until my time here on Earth is done. I’ll never have it “all together”, not really. For if I could do it all on my own, then I wouldn’t need a Saviour. And oh, I need Him! And oh, I need reminders in unexpected places that this grace is something I’m to be operating in daily, often on a second-by-second basis. Not only in terms of purveying this grace, but also in terms of receiving it.

Note: I will be without a consistently reliable Internet connection next week, so there won’t be any new posts until Monday, August 20th. Thank you for your patience with my sporadic blogging this month – I really appreciate it!

^Photo Credit: Juho Holmi ©2009 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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