A Coffee and Some Unity Friday


To summarize the theme of this week’s posts so far: I want to write the right things, to use and develop the abilities and opportunities I have been given wisely.

That isn’t a scary thought at all.

(Only it is.)

Let’s do this.^

I’m thankful, then, for the vision put forth by Jim Woods over at Unknown Jim. His goal is to start a revolution this October amongst writers where they take the idea, the dream they’re sheltering and bring it out into the light. Yes, for the month of October the challenge is to write what you want to write and to then share a piece of that writing at the end of the month on your website. Because it’s so easy as a writer to get caught up in writing the things you think you should write to generate numbers or views, to write the things you think will bring you the levels of success of a favourite writer. In the process, you lose your voice and quite possibly miss out on telling the stories you’re supposed to be telling.

I had shared earlier this year how one of my Finish Year goals was to edit and post online in a serial-type format “The Secret Lives of Baristas” (my messy 2011 NaNoWriMo manuscript). I haven’t made much progress on this goal beyond some character profiles in Evernote, starting a spreadsheet to keep track of drink codes, and setting up a blog on which to post the story when it’s completed.

I cannot say with certainty it is a good story idea, that it will be “successful”, or that it is unquestionably what I am to be writing about. But I’ll never know if I don’t do something with it.

So that’s what I’ll be working on this October: a story about a spy (or maybe detective) network set up via coffee houses. A lot of it will probably be made up. It may turn out to be The Worst Story Ever. Or it just might work. I’ll find out either way for it is time to quit daydreaming and to start doing.


^Photo Credit: Alex Pascual Guardia © 2008 (Flickr via Creative Commons)


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