A Coffee and the New Top 5 in iTunes Friday

What’s on your playlist?*

In September 2011 I had posted a list of the top 5 tunes in Jeff’s and mine iTunes library. Having recently synced most of our devices, I was curious as to whether or not anything had changed in terms of the top 5 tunes, and was pleased to see things had not remained static in the top spots.

So here, as of this week’s sync of our iDevices, are the current top 5 tunes in iTunes in the Woodman household:

  1. Rescue by Seabird is now in the number one spot, and with good reason: I need to remember when I’m in a mess of my making, God is there as my rapture, my Saviour, and my rescue. Too often I’m like the prodigal son – returning with a plan to fix things after I’ve messed up. And just as often God is there as my Father, with a party which somehow rescues a weary soul and a contrite heart.
  2. Forget and Not Slow Down by Relient K is now 23 plays behind the number one song. I think I’m finally letting go of some regrets.
  3. Another song by Seabird has moved up the list: Stronger bumped out MercyMe’s So Long Self (the latter now being in the #7 spot), and is still a great song to run to, drive to, clean the house to . . . (you get the picture).
  4. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay also continues to make many a running playlist. Plus I still love the line about rather being “. . . a comma than a full stop.” Because you know what? God’s stories don’t stop with me. I’m a part of an ongoing narrative, and that is simply amazing. (This spot was previously held by Matthew West’s You Are Everything, which is now in the #10 spot.)
  5. The Cave by Mumford and Sons has happily slipped into the space vacated by Seabird’s Stronger, and it talks about holding onto hope, pressing on in spite of faults and fears, and understanding dependence. All good things for me to be reminded of on a regular basis.

What’s in your top 5 on iTunes? Feel free to share in the comments section (I’m always on the lookout for new tunes!).

*Photo Credit: Yuhui © 2006 (Flickr via Creative Commons)


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