A Weekend Writing Break

This past weekend was not the most productive in terms of writing, I have to confess, but it was great in terms of spending time with friends and family. We tackled the local corn maze with a group of friends on Friday night, spent time eating and conversing with various family members on Saturday (which may explain the scale this morning . . .), and on Sunday there was more good food and conversations to be had before Jeff and I headed home to kick back and relax for a bit.

C’mon, pen . . . write!*

But now it’s Monday morning, and I sit in front of the keyboard, struggling to find the words to fill a blank Word document. There are notes in my notebook about “clarity”, “order”, and “insight”, all in my somewhat messy script. And I want to have some insight, something good thing, to share with you as it takes root in me. I’ve tried to slow down my thoughts, sip at my coffee, and stay off Facebook (my go-to online avoidance technique).

Yet still the cursor blinks, with no indication as to what will it will leave in its wake. But you know what? I would not exchange this frustration for how I did spend the majority of my time this weekend. Because just as there are times when I need to sequester myself away to pound out the words, there are also times when I need to fellowship, to break bread with family and friends.

 Word count = 0
Relationship building = 1,000,000
(This weekend, it was the right exchange to make.)

*Photo Credit: Caitlin Regan © 2008 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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