I often wonder if I'll ever wrap this brain and heart around God's grace, figure out what it really means to be humble, and be thankful in all things. It's a process, a journey, to be sure. So I'm doing my best not to finish where I start. Joining me on this journey is my wonderful husband, Jeff -- a (recently discovered) gregarious introvert (to my more quiet introverted self) who is leaving me with many wonderful laugh lines.  I'm the daughter of two of the hardest-working, steady, want-them-to-always-be-here people.  Smack-dab in the middle, I have two sisters who I'm thankful to be able to count as true friends.  I'm so blessed to be an auntie.  And while I may not have a large quantity of friends, I certainly have quality in spades both in my '3D' life and online.

I also love words -- written, sung, spoken.  I add my own combinations to the mix via blog entries, various in-progress stories, NaNoWriMo entries and a smattering of fan fiction.

It would thrill me to bits to have you join me on this journey, wherever it may lead.  A road trip is always more fun, after all, when there are people to share it with.  And don't forget the coffee.