A Bittersweet Rejection

A Bittersweet Rejection

Yesterday I received a really nice rejection letter. Granted, I don’t have a lot of rejection letters to compare it to so there could be even nicer ones out there, but all the same – this was a good one.

The rejection letter was courtesy of Prodigal Magazine, with whom I had applied for one of five feature writer positions last month. It was one of those things I decided to do before I had time to talk myself out of it, even as I had to figure out what my average blog traffic was on a monthly basis (Google Analytics and I have a bit of tenuous relationship) and find two writing samples to submit. The deadline for submissions was December 1st (if I recall correctly – NaNoWriMo muddled up the last week of November), and as such I spent the last few days checking my e-mail with hope and trepidation.

Yesterday the letter came, and in it Prodigal Magazine president Darrell Vestervelt regrettably informed me I was not one of the five writers selected out of the 130 applications they received. But here is the nice part:

“We did have a chance to read your post titled Thoughts On My Obituary, and I want to encourage you to keep writing. Prodigal Magazine will be launching a reader generated blog in January that I want to encourage you to contribute to once we open submissions.”

My heart was simultaneously disappointed and uplifted. It was a curious feeling to be sure, but as I let things settle I found myself greatly encouraged. Here was someone who doesn’t really know me, who had not read my blog up until this point (as far as I know) encouraging me to keep writing. The submissions team saw something within that particular post which did not lead them to say “Please stop writing, you talentless hack”; rather something was spied which led to the encouragement to keep stringing thoughts and words and ideas together, to keep writing and submitting.

And for that I am thankful.

^Photo Credit: Jason Hummel © 2004 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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