A Coffee and a Confession Friday

A Coffee and a Confession Friday


As I mentioned in the kick-off post for Wednesday’s blog carnival, I had a bit of an embarrassing confession to make in regards to one of the first albums I owned. Here goes . . . Let me be absolutely clear on one thing:

I have not gone, nor will I ever go, to see any of the movies in the recent reboot of The Chipmunks franchise. There is not a sum of money you could pay me, thing you could buy me, or any number of free lattes with which you could entice me do other wise. I would dare say the only thing that would persuade me to change my mind would be the pleas of my own children, and as I have yet to have any, I’m safe for the time being.

I’m sorry (sort of), but the helium-infused song stylings of these furry cartoon creatures makes my teeth itch. It’s . . . Let’s just say it’s not good and leave it at that.

But I can’t. Because in the interest of full disclosure/not being a hypocrite, I have a confession to make:

I once owned this album –

In my defense, I was nine years old. And if I recall correctly, it was either a Christmas present or a birthday gift (again, in my defense, they are only three days apart).

So my having owned this record (yes, I’m old enough to have owned vinyl records and a record player) either makes me one of two things:

a) A hypocrite (which I would rather not be).

b) A person who is at least somewhat versed in why speeding up the vocal tracks to popular songs of the day is a bad, bad thing to do (much more logical, and less hypocritical). Seriously, these song renditions could scar young children for life and/or result in them having horrible taste in music for the rest of their lives. (Not that either scenario has happened in my own life. I think I have pretty decent taste in music.)

But after taking some time recently to listen to Chipmunk Punk online (I, too, was surprised to find it), I found my teeth did not itch at the sound of Alvin, Simon and Theodore squeakily warbling away on classic songs from the likes of The Cars, Queen, and Billy Joel. I may have cringed a time or three, yes. But I laughed just as many times as I recalled listening to this album as a kid.

And hey – at the very least, Chipmunk Punk was a step up from a song about a cat that would not die and left mass destruction in its wake. Now there’s a song that could scar one for life.

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Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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