A Coffee and a Question of Sorts Friday

A Coffee and a Question of Sorts Friday


My husband and I were talking while doing the dishes recently (I wash, he dries, and we’re quite happy with this arrangement) when I brought up something I had been wondering about God. “Yup,” I said to him, “just when I thought I’d finally dealt with certain insecurities, there they are again. Oh, hello! Long time no see!” Jeff laughed as he dried a plate, but he got what I was saying. You see, what I was struggling with was the idea that God loves me, yet may not necessarily like me.  As I’ve mentioned before, I may not have heard what was really said to me at some point. All kinds of things can filter out and distort true intents and meanings; what was actually said can be blurred by the passage of time. So, quite probably in error, I thought I heard God might not like me. I walked away with images of new hoops for me to jump through, new standards for me to fail to meet.

But as I talked over my fears with my husband he, wise man that he is, reminded me of something I had lost sight of. “Look,” he said as he put a glass away, “Jesus did say I no longer call you servants, but I now call you friends. And hopefully you like your friends. It’s not like God hears you talking to Him and thinks “Oh, her again. I’m just going to let it go to voice mail.””

Our conversation didn’t end there, but I’ve been chewing on that bit in particular. I don’t make my friends jump through hoops to earn my approval. And if I have to do all sorts of things to make them like me, well . . . what am I doing? Now I know I do things my friends don’t always like and vice versa. But as a whole it does not mean I don’t like them or that they don’t like me.

I don’t know – maybe I’m still missing the mark. But it has certainly made me stop and think again about other things I may not be hearing (or remembering!) correctly.

On a random note . . .

I was introduced this week to the band known as Rend Collective Experiment. It was love at first listen. The following song is one of my favourites from their most recent album Homemade Worship by Handmade People (Deluxe Editon):

(I so enjoy a well-done hymn!)

Photo Credit: Elaron (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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