A Coffee and Computer Issues Friday

A Coffee and Computer Issues Friday

I think I may have killed one of the computers at church last night.

No, I didn’t take a chainsaw or a sledgehammer to it, nor did I go to any (that I know of, because people are sneaky with such things) virus-ridden sites. One minute, I’m working on something and the next minute the screens (it’s a dual monitor system) are going black and at least a dozen pop-up windows are merrily popping up.

The initial assessment from our computer guru was it was either a hard drive crash or a virus.

Or it’s my mad computer skills.

“What sort of skills?” you may be wondering.

Skills like this:

I was at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago on my lunch break, and was paying for my purchases via one of the self-checkout registers. I was trying to “finish and pay”, but the screen appeared to be frozen. No matter how many times or how forcefully I tapped the appropriate button (someday that will work!), the next screen would not come up so I could select a payment option. Oddly enough, the debit machine still offered to take my payment (how did it know that was my payment option of choice?). So I inserted my card. And I was thisclose to completing the payment. But I did not go through with it, as something was still off with the cash register. This turned out be a good thing as the computer running the “handy-dandy” self-checkout crashed.

Yes, the screen cleared to a lovely shade of blue, and a message popped up saying the system was shutting down and was going to reboot.  The randomness of it all reminded me of the random crashes the computers at my workplace will experience after “upgrades” to our remote servers.

Oh no! Had the computers at Wal-Mart banded with the computers of the company I work for to keep me from buying whatever it was I bought then?

I’ll never know, for by the time I said, “Bob’s your uncle” a few times, two staff members were on the case. One dealt with the computer and the other directed me to another register. She scanned my purchases through, which was probably a good thing as I was able to complete my purchase without issue .

So computer at church, I’m sorry. I had no ideas my mad skills were so far-reaching.

Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski ©2008 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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