A Coffee and Not a Friday #2

A Coffee and Not a Friday #2


Coffee...Feeling Hopeful from Flickr via Wylio Jeff and I were at a barbeque hosted by his place of employment a couple of weeks ago; later in the evening one of his coworkers asked me if I was as much of a coffee addict as he was. And I replied, much as I’m sure Jeff would have, “No, I’m not. I can quit any time I want to. And I just don’t want to.”

So it’s no surprise during a search for an image for today’s post, I not only used the above picture but also find myself wishing it were a framed print in our home.

Not that my hope is in ground up roasted coffee beans and hot water. That would be silly. But I do enjoy being able to sit in the morning with a hot cup of joe, a book, and a pen and some paper; to sit and read and sip and ponder and write. It’s a bit of a luxury, and I am thankful for it.

One thing I do have a bit of a hard time doing during those times, though, is really sitting and listening to and listening for God. At least recently, because there are some questions I need to ask Him, some directions I need to keep an eye out for, and I’m worried He’s going to point in a way I may not want to go. I know I’m being silly for I also know – and have seen proven time and time again in my life and the lives of those I know – that He will never take His kids down a path without also giving provisions for the journey.

I was reminded of this fact as I wondered what to write for today’s post and my mind wandered to a delightful scene from the TV show Doctor Who that aired a few years back. To set up the scene: The Doctor – a humanoid alien from a race called the Time Lords – travels in a machine called the TARDIS that takes him through all of time and space. And a long-running joke in the show (like really long – the show has just started its 52nd year of episodes) is that his ship never takes him where he wants to go. He’ll say something like, “We’re going to meet Queen Victoria!” and they’ll end up in the middle of a civil war far, far in the future.

Now in this scene, the TARDIS matrix has been put in the body of a person (it’s all very sci-fi, but it makes sense in its own way), and the Doctor at about the 45-second mark gets to address this long-standing frustration with his ship now that they’re actually talking with one another.

And her (for ships are always ladies, no?) response to his accusation of her unreliability is brilliant:

“…I always took you where you needed to go.”

And immediately the Doctor realizes this, acknowledges it with a bit of awe and gratitude at the realization she was absolutely correct. And I’m realizing a similar feeling for God does the same thing – He takes us where we need to go. Better than a TARDIS He sees our end from our beginning, our beginning from our end, and every single point in-between. He will never, ever steer us – steer me – wrong. We need to trust Him, to follow Him, even when all we see are a handful (if that, even) of “next steps”. The Bible is bursting with the stories of men and women who did just that:

-Abraham, while he was still Abram, was told to go to a land God said He would show him. And Abraham literally stepped out without knowing the end point. - A widow and her sons gathered jars at the command of the prophet Elisha, not knowing for sure how one tiny jar will fill them all but trusting all the same. -A shepherd boy, with a trust built upon past provisions in facing off against a lion and a bear to protect his father’s sheep, went to face a literal giant of a man with only a sling and some stones.

And I. I can come with my coffee and my questions, my doubts and my fears and my “Yes, but …” arguments, much like Moses when he tried really hard to convince God he was not the right man for the job he was being called to do. And I can find provision for the journey, even with an incomplete map. For the One who calls and leads will never steer me wrong.

Happy Saturday!

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