A Coffee and Some "Only This" Friday

A Coffee and Some "Only This" Friday


150929-coffee-cup-red from Flickr via Wylio This week I have wanted (amongst other things):

- more time at home in the morning. - more time without the phone ringing at work. - more time to spend in good conversation. - more direction (think, “Please spell it out in really big letters so there is no mistaking what I’m being told”).

Simple, no?

And I was, honestly, working to still my thoughts, quiet my wants, so I could hear what God would tell me be it through His Spirit, through His Word, through the words of another. But I was struggling all the same, seeming to flip-flop from one “This is it!” to another. Sometimes it’s hard to simply put a request before God, to not try to posture one’s self in “just the right” way, to come with a child-like simplicity and honesty.

But I think I was there, however briefly, because you guys:

I got an answer.

And it wasn’t more time at home, or quieter telephones, or longer lunches, or billboard-sized maps/To Do lists.

It was a story in 2 Kings 4 – almost a footnote at the end of the chapter - where a prophet’s servant, after being asked to feed 100 men with some grain and 20 barley loaves, exclaimed, “What? … Feed a hundred people with only this?” And it was the acknowledgement many a time this is how we respond to God. We’re not ready, we’re not properly equipped, we do not have enough whatever to do anything.

And as if that were not enough to chew on, the pastor leading the Bible study mic-dropped this:

Stop waiting for what you want and start working with what you have.

I almost started humming the chorus of this song out loud at those words.

Because guess what? I have a little something I can start working with right now, like an hour or two a few evenings a week to sit down and write; like extra time to read and journal in the mornings if I go to bed a bit earlier the night before. (That's not the sum of it all, but it is enough to share right now.)

I have a little God can do a lot with. And guess what? So do you.

Happy Friday!

A Coffee and Some Sundries Friday

A Coffee and Some Sundries Friday

tense ...?

tense ...?