A Coffee and Some Second-Guessing Friday

A Coffee and Some Second-Guessing Friday


I’m sitting in my cozily-lit home office on a wintery Thursday evening, my TARDIS mug proving to not be bigger on the inside (drats) as the space heater keeps things the right amount of toasty. And I’m feeling overwhelmed.

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I am 4 days into Jon Acuff’s 30 Days of Hustle challenge. I signed up for a “Run 1000 KM in a Year” challenge. I need to get a Sunday school lesson together for Sunday. And, sometime, work on a Web site. Then there’s laundry to fold and put away. And a newly arrived ironing board to try out. Books to be read. (And one or two discussed – two reviewed.) Never mind my office job.

I find myself wondering if I could replace said office job with some sort of position where I am paid to read books, drink coffee, and mix things up with a bit of Netflix bingeing.

Adulting can be hard, y’all. And I don’t even have kids. And I know there are folks with much, much more on their plates.

All the same … anyone know of a professional Netflix viewer-type position?

In all seriousness, even in my more-trivial-than-not struggles and moments of second-guessing, it still did me good to hear this at the Bible study class I went to this week:

If the odds are against you, you’re in good company for that’s pretty near every story in the Bible.

David fighting Goliath? Impossible. Only the giant ended up dead on the ground. Abraham and Sarah having a child of their own? Never. Until they gave their son a name that means “laughter”. A man, blind from birth, now seeing? What – are you crazy? Until you see him seeing you, and all he knows is once blind, now he sees. And it’s amazing.

And this, this life can be amazing, full of impossibilities becoming realities (big and small).

So as I take a moment to pause, to breathe, to be present even in this overwhelmed section of the first week of a new year, I hope you have a good Friday. (Because I will be, too, once I get going again.)

As always, thanks for reading! And if you have any tips/tricks for pushing past overwhelmed times in your life, feel free to pass them along. Because there is only so much ice cream that can be consumed in a day. And Professional Netflix Watcher is not a viable career option at this point in time (drats, again).

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