A Coffee and Some Thoughts on Church Friday

A Coffee and Some Thoughts on Church Friday

It is ridiculously easy, is it not, to complain about something? To get swept away with a few (or many) people who don’t like someone or something and add our own grievances and complaints into the mix? You know it is. I know it is . . . because I’ve done it, both in regards to the Church (the body of Christ as a whole) and the church (the local church I’m a part of).

I’m ashamed of myself.

Not that I think we should ignore problems or not deal with things that are in need of repair (or the trash heap).  We should deal with things, fix what’s broken and get rid of what is no longer working. It’s a part of growth, of life.

But complaining doesn’t necessarily get one closer to solutions. Too often it’s followed by a frustrated “But what can you do?” statement of some sort with no attempt at a course correction. It breeds further discontent, more grumbling. It can wear a person down and wear them out.

So today, I want to look at some things the Church – locally and as whole – is doing well. Because, let’s face it, there is a greater joy, a deeper peace to be found when we look for and build upon the good as opposed to nitpicking endlessly about the bad.

  1. My church fosters a real sense of community across the board. Community is not to be found solely within each person’s own family or social groups (because we can’t all be BFFs), but within the congregation as a whole. It’s fostered in the monthly coffee times after the first Sunday service of the month, the annual family camping trip, at bridal and baby showers, and in the foyer after any of the regular services.
  2. Henry Ward Beecher said it well: “The Church is not a gallery for the better exhibition of eminent Christians, but a school for the education of imperfect ones.” If we’re honest, we all fall into the latter category. We all have things that need to be fixed, sorted, and/or tossed in our lives. And I’m so appreciative of those within my local church and those without it who are helping me to learn and to grow in Christ. They’ve helped me see much further than my little corner of the world.
  3. Speaking of seeing further, I’m able to see more of the big C Church thanks in part to the Internet and the various social media sites. Let’s face it -- it’s easy to think the Church consists only of the people you physically meet with. But it is so much bigger than that, and there are many Christians who are making good use of their online platforms to build bridges between people not only within the Church, but those who are outside it as well.

What things does your part of the Body of Christ do well? What things do you see that the Church does well as a whole? If you have anything to share in the comments section, I’d love to hear from you. And as always, thank you for reading (because without you I'd just be talking to myself)!

Photo Credit: Neil Kremer ©2011 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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