A Few Thoughts Before the Big 4-0

A Few Thoughts Before the Big 4-0


'2011 03 26_Michelle's 40th Birthday Cake_0064.JPG' photo (c) 2011, Keith Laverack - license:*I’m going to be turning 40 on December 28th. Yes, I know I’m not the first person to turn 40, nor will I be the last. Nor am I the first person to reach a milestone birthday and feel as though I have missed the mark in areas of my life. Or to have actually missed marks. And taken any number of wrong turns or detours, to have missed destinations and opportunities.

(Hey, I did mention before I can be a bit of a ‘cloud in a silver lining’ person at times.)

But I was reminded of something I had tucked away a little too far into a corner this past Sunday. And it is this:

A person’s destiny is tailor-made – it’s not mass-produced.

Well then.


And I was doing so well comparing where I’m at in life as I approach my next birthday to where others in my life are (or will be). Because, really, I should have certain things ‘more together’ and have been a mom by now and have a book or two properly done and so on and so forth. Who am I to think I should still hold onto certain hopes and dreams, to start at this point the hard work of reaching certain goals? I mean, pfft, come on! I’m going to be 40. Aren’t I getting a little old?

But . . .

God knows my end from my beginning.

He is the Author and the Finisher of my faith.

He gives all the things I need pertaining to life and to godliness – the everyday and the eternal.

And even though I have messed things up in the past, and will probably mess up something else in the future, He is my Redeemer, too. This is not a promise I’m excluded from in some special edition of the Bible (though I too often act like it is). Romans 8:28 says God can use all things to work together for my – even the broken and messed-up stuff.

Now the question is am I going to let Him? Will I again receive God’s forgiveness and grace and get going once again on the path He has for me to travel?

Who am I kidding?! How could I not!?


*This is not my actual birthday cake. It’s for another Michelle. Obviously. My cake would be chocolate.

Photo Credit: alibree (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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