A Peaceful Surrender?

A Peaceful Surrender?

Either last winter or the winter before that – I can’t remember exactly when at the moment – I hit a patch of black ice on the highway on my way back home from running some errands.




I had a horrible feeling of weightlessness in my stomach as I tried to keep the car out of the ditch while a hurried chant of “PleaseGodpleaseGodpleaseGod” tumbled past my lips. In what took moments (but felt like forever), I regained control of the car and pulled over to the side of the road. I needed some time to catch my breath, give some heartfelt thanks for having made it through things with no damages or injuries to myself or others, and then convince myself to not only finish my journey, but to then go back on the road in about an hour as I still had to go to work.

I hated not being in control.

I hated having to get back on the proverbial horse so quickly after having been quite nearly completely knocked off it.

But I did make it to and from work that day (even as white-knuckled and in need of chocolate as I was). I survived having lost control.

Now there was a point to all this when I sat down to write. Mainly, it was to get a blog post done, yes. But it is also an attempt to remind myself that in those times when I feel directionless, like I’m sliding along the road of life with the prevalent thought being to merely stay on the road, I’m not ultimately the one in control.

Again the reminder comes to me that I’m not to rely on myself, lean on my own understanding or way of thinking and/or of doing things. It’s not all up to me to sort things out, to plan out every detail. Nor am I to aimlessly wander through this life, either.

Instead I am to trust God. I am to remember He gives me all I need in this life in order to live, to move, to be. He makes no requirement or request of me for which He has not already provided.

Yet too many times, I still fight Him, I still try to control that which was never mine to steer in the first place.

I can (and do) give Him glory.

But will I truly allow Him to give me His peace, even one today at a time?

Photo Credit: starshaped (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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