A Review of "Building a Life Out of Words" by Shawn Smucker

A Review of "Building a Life Out of Words" by Shawn Smucker

I wish I could tell you how I first came across Shawn Smucker’s blog, which post was the one that kept me coming back for more, which one or ones resonate with me the most to this day. But I can’t. And I really can’t say why that is either, other than some days my brain would rather hold onto trivial bits of information such as the fact Joe Pesci first made a stab at a singing career with the album Little Joe Sure Can Sing. This can be great for Trivial Pursuit, not so great for other things.

But I digress.

What I can tell you is this: Shawn Smucker is an honest and talented writer. And you should not merely check out his newly released eBook Building a Life Out of Words. No, you should give up whatever you routinely spend $3.99 on (Lattes? Magazines? Copious amounts of gummy bears?), and buy a copy of this book. And then read it. Soon. And be prepared to read it again, and at least once more after that for good measure.

For this is not a book only for writers seeking tips and guidance on taking the plunge into a full-time writing career (because there is advice and guidance, in my opinion, to be found in another person's story); no, it’s for anyone who has a dream inside them and who wants to bring that dream out into the light of day. As Shawn shares from his own journey (and nine other writers contribute parts of their own stories), it’s not all “. . . raspberry pie and triple rainbows . . .”. What it is, no matter the exact form it takes, is something that can be a roller coaster type of scary: full of exhilaration, heart-pounding drops and turns, and sometimes with little knowledge (if any) of what lies around the next bend. And it’s all worth it. Because you’re living life on purpose instead of letting it pass you by or happen around you.

Don’t simply take my word for it (though by all means, if it helps, run with it). You can (and should) purchase your own copy of Building a Life Out of Words here. And get ready to go on your own adventure.

Shawn, his wife Maile, and their four children went from living in his parents’ basement with a good chunk of debt, to renting a home on an acreage, to having $12 in their chequing account, to having more in their chequing account, to (at present) travelling through the United States on a bus named Willie. Check out his blog at, as well as keep up with him on Facebook (Shawn Smucker, Writer) and/or on Twitter (@shawnsmucker).

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