A Spectacular Story Teaser

'Tardis' photo (c) 2008, AntToeKnee Lacey - license:, hey! Today is *the day* my Doctor Who/House, M.D. fan fiction story is to be completed. But not this morning.

It's Christmas (in case you all missed that tidbit) and as such, there have already been some gifts to wrap and family to spend time with. And I'm at work this morning until noon, MT. Besides which the conclusion to this story is proving to be a bit evasive. (I think I'll next try coaxing it out with promises of hot chocolate, a good book, and a cozy afghan.) But for now, I present you with the first two paragraphs of what I really, truly hope will be the concluding chapter of A Tale of Two Doctors.

Merry Christmas!


Even as he fiddled with the controls on the TARDIS’ console the Doctor knew he was merely dawdling. It wasn’t something he did often, so it took him a while to notice that was, indeed, what he was doing. Odd, for he had made his oft-desired clean getaway. He left the Bobs to take care of the maternity wing (they often didn't accept or want any help in their affairs -- he had learned that one the hard way). He left House and everyone within the walls of the hospital to do what humans did best: Explain the unexplainable by declaring it all a hoax. Spaceships commandeered by hapless swine crashing into historic landmarks? A hoax. Bat-like creatures posing as teachers by day to harness the brain power of students to crack the code of the universe? Also a hoax. Daleks hurtling through the sky before being sucked into the Void? Mmm – a hoax! And last but not least – curious, string-like, blob-y things giving birth in a 21st century teaching hospital? Hoax, hoax, hoaxity-hoax!

It was all oddly brilliant, really, the Doctor decided as he wandered around the console with his hands shoved in his trouser pockets. The levels of self-deception mankind achieved without going barking mad (or perhaps it was so they wouldn’t go barking mad) amazed him. And he knew a thing or two or twenty about self-deception. But then . . . Then there were the minds which strove to strip away every lie, half-truth, and whatever other barrier lay between them and the facts. It didn’t matter how odd or out of the realm of possibility they seemed to be. The truth, the solving of the puzzle or riddle was what mattered. How had that doctor-turned-writer put it? “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” And the Doctor knew the man he met briefly in Princeton-Plainsboro Teach Hospital had such a mind.

I will be posting a link to the completed story (!!) before the end of the day. Thanks for reading and for being so patient!

9:12 P.M. Update -- Yeah, about that story . . . it *fought* me this afternoon! And now it's Christmas Eve, and it's time to chill out with my husband. So no full update now until after Christmas. My apologies!

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