adjustments required

adjustments required

We are three months and change into 2019, and I know I need to make some adjustments to my list of goals. I’m not surprised by this fact, really. Things crops up that one simply cannot anticipate when the new calendar goes up and (hopefully) hope-filled plans are made. Realizing changes/tweaks are needed and then actually acting are, however, not one and the same. 


It’s hard for the sort like me, worriers of making the wrong decision to the point of inaction. Or—at times—so frustrated with one’s own self, a decision is made if only to be moving in some direction as opposed to sinking deeper into the bog of indecisiveness. And then regretting the hastily made decision. It’s not a fun cycle to get into, honestly. 

But I’m starting to learn better, new-to-me ways to make decisions that are less cumbersome, less anxiety-inducing. Like doing the next right thing, and starting again as opposed to starting over – both these gifts from Emily P. Freeman’s podcast called (appropriately!) The Next Right Thing Podcast.   

So on that note, here are some tweaks for me goal-wise: 

1. I have ditched the Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge. Not that it is a bad challenge. But remember a few scant lines ago where I said I’m not a brilliant decision maker? This felt like a lot of decisions. But I am sticking to the goal of reading 12 books this year. And yes, I’m 100% including in that tally books started before 2019.  

2. Spring cleaning my house in 2019 has stalled spectacularly. I think I spent 20 minutes cleaning out a couple of things in the kitchen which is also the area I’m usually the most overwhelmed by. (Coming in a close second: the spare room upstairs designated as Jeff’s future office/art space.) I don’t want to abandon this goal, however, so I’m going to start with something less daunting to get the ball rolling: our main bathroom.  

3. It has been mentioned here before, but I have an idea/premise/smidge of a maybe-okay idea for a story I’ve been poking with a stick for years. In January, I decided this would be The Year I would write a draft of said story. And it has (so far) been instead the year of avoiding working on it/freezing up when I do try to work on it. It’s all quite frustrating. In fact, it seems fiction writing as a whole has removed itself to some sort of impenetrable fortress on Mount Everest. I almost get the sweats thinking about tackling it, and I don’t know why. So the goal right now is to focus on making and keeping writing appointments to myself in order to complete an online writing course I’ve signed up for and been dilly-dallying on. Because fiction and fortresses and jazz. Gah. 

Now it’s not that all my goals have had little success so far. There is progress being made on the ukulele-playing and the exercise fronts. There have been bumps and lulls, yes, but there is  progress being made.  

So here’s to seeing what the next few months bring, and what adjustments are needed after that. 

How about you? Do you set goals, or have a ‘to do’ list of sort for the year or certain seasons? How are things going in your neck of the woods? Feel free to share! 

*Photo by Jordan Madrid on Unsplash



kindness shown

kindness shown