Always On My . . .

Always On My . . .

I’m not stalking Jamie of Jamie’s Rabbits. Really, I’m not. I have linked back a fair bit, yes, to either her blog or links she has shared via Twitter and/or Facebook , but I’m not a crazy-obsessed fan or anything. Ms. Golden is simply sharing lots of good stuff, y’all. Regularly on my feet.*

Besides, the following questionnaire was too good not to borrow. So here are my responses to “Always on My . . .”:

Face: My glasses (unless I’m sleeping (usually)).

Perennial To-Do List: Ironing. Get organized. Get rid of clutter (as opposed to rearranging/locking it away).

Guilty Pleasure List: Reading fun/fluffy fanfic stories. (It all started with Christy fanfic, which also got me started with writing, so I suppose it’s not an entirely bad thing.)

Kitchen Counter: Keurig, coffee-themed cutting board my mother-in-law hides for unknown reasons when housesitting, microwave, other kitchen-y things, the cat.

Regrets List: Wasted time and opportunities. (But I’m learning to trust Romans 8:28 more and more.)

Nightstand: Lamp, clock, phone, and a small stack of books.

Playlist: The City Harmonic, The Digital Age, Seabird, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Paul Simon <<At least for now – it changes quasi-regularly.

Computer Screensaver: These guys.

Qualities-in-a-Friend List: Sense of humour, loyalty, an overall good give-and-take. :-)

List of Charities You Support: Canadian Cancer Society, local Interfaith Food Bank.

Medicine Cabinet Shelves: They’re new and pretty, thanks to our recent renovation. And they hold moisturizers, antiperspirant, toothpaste, hair stuff -- the sorts of stuff you expect to find in a medicine cabinet.

Bed: Soft cotton or flannel sheets with a fun pattern (usually stripes or something geometric), comfy pillows, blankets to burrow under.

Must-See-TV-List: These are shows that do not languish on our PVR (DVR for Americans): What Not to Wear, Doctor Who, Community, The Big Bang Theory, Sherlock (though season 2 was on Apple TV (yay!)). (Speaking of Sherlock – c’mon, season 3!)

Weekly Grocery List: Yogurt, fruit, granola bars, ice cream, frozen pizza (Dr. Oetker is the best).

Phone Screensaver: Again with the winged creatures and coffee (there’s a pattern emerging here . . .)

Mind:  Am I forgetting something? Am I really on the path God has for me?

Favourite-Gadget List: iPhone, Keurig, my iPod Nano (it’s red!).

Workout Regimen: Running, some strength training – and all with as much privacy as possible because I don’t like people watching me exercise (it’s weird).

iPhone: Music of some sort, whether via Songza or my iTunes library.

Pet-Peeve List: Needlessly slow drivers, tailgaters, people who don’t use four-way stops correctly (another pattern emerges).

Twitter Feed: Varied, fun, and even informative (in my opinion at any rate). Plus, I don’t like recommending people in case you end up not liking them or thinking it’s weird that I follow them, and . . . yeah. Insecurities – I have them.

Thanks for reading!

*Photo Credit: Steven Guzzardi ©2012 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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