Changing Priorities

Changing Priorities

Jon Acuff posted the following on his Facebook page yesterday:

“For years, Sunday nights were hard because I could feel the weight of Monday morning coming. Have you ever felt like that about your job?”

And I responded with the following comment:

“Feeling it right now, in fact. :-P “ << The Facebook emoticon looks less pleased about this FYI.

Don’t get me wrong – I am very thankful for my job as an administrative assistant. But as I prepare to go in for yet another full day at the office (as opposed to my usual afternoon shift) I’m feeling the weight of Monday morning, of time I won’t be spending at home working on a novel, a fan fiction story, or this blog. I’m even feeling weighed down by the fact I won’t be doing any housework this morning.

Yet at the same time, I’m encouraged by the fact I do feel this heaviness. It means I’m talking less about “being a writer”, that more often I am doing the work that makes me a writer. I’m putting words on the page, and I miss it when I don’t have the opportunity for it. I’m frustrated with myself when I let opportunities to work on projects pass me by.

And as extra weight on the scale (and according to the fit of a certain pair of jeans) prompts me to tweak my eating and exercising, so this Monday morning weight is causing me look at how I can make better use of the time I do have to write (and to clean my house). Because I’m never going to get somewhere new if I don’t change direction, change a priority or three, as need be.

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