a coffee and some 2018 tunes friday

a coffee and some 2018 tunes friday

An important announcement: 

Jeff received the results of the CT scan he had last week – the first one post-chemo – and it showed, quote, ‘great results’! The enlarged lymph node that turned everything upside-down upon its July discovery now measures within normal size. 

Oh, happy day! We are relieved and thankful, humbled and releasing a long-held breath.


2018 is drawing to a close, and once again – to my delight – Spotify offered a retrospective on what I listened to over the course of the year. When I first saw the playlist composed of my top songs for the year, I wondered what sort of a reflection it would be on 2018. What sorts of highs and lows, struggles and victories would be reflected back? 

Based on the top five songs for the year, I was looking for encouragement and hope. Not surprising, really, considering the last five months in particular. Even before Jeff’s cancer diagnosis in July, however, I was looking for ways to be braver, to be kinder not only to others, but also to myself. And I think my top songs for 2018 reflect it all: 

1. Graveclothes by Birdtalker: I’m not 100% sure how this song first came across my radar. I suspect it was via one of Spotify’s ‘Daily Mixes’, and it caught my attention from the first listen thanks to lines like ‘Don’t get lost inside your head’ (something I do easily), and ‘Self-deprecation, lack of motivation/Stealing his aliveness’ (things I’m working to overcome). Couple it with a lively melody, and it’s a positively motivating song.  

 2. Take Courage (Radio Edit) [feat. Kristene DiMarco] by Bethel Music: Oooo, I needed to take courage, to remember the bigness of God and His care for and of Jeff and I both. This was often cranked when I was driving alone in my car, singing these words into my soul.  

3. WALKING ON WATER by NEEDTOBREATHE: I don’t know why the gents in NEEDTOBREATHE decided ‘all caps’ was the way to go, but I do know one day I had asked people via social media to share the songs they listened to when needing encouragement. My younger sister texted me the link to this song, and it was quickly added to my ‘you can do this’ playlist. It’s a rocking psalm. 

4. How He Loves by David Crowder*Band: This is not a new song to me, but I needed its truths in a different way, I think, in 2018. And there is something surreally beautiful about the video which adds to the beauty of the song originally penned by John Mark McMillan.  

5. Where His Light Was by Kristene DiMarco: I love the musical movement of this song, the message it conveys, and while I used to wish it was longer than two minutes, well, I obviously found a work-around on that front.  

I hope you had some good tunes accompanying you through this year. Feel free to share your standout tracks here or on the social medias. And thank you again for reading my ramblings here this year in particular. It continues to be appreciated. :)

*Photo by Andrei Bocan on Unsplash 

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going into 2019

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