A Coffee and an Anniversary Friday

A Coffee and an Anniversary Friday


"Gravitation is not responsiblefor people falling in love". ~ Albert Einstein

This post is borrowed from Nicole Cottrell over at Modern Reject.  Ever since I read her post and her husband’s post about what it is like for them to be married to each other, I’ve been thinking about tackling the subject in regards to my own marriage here.  But I had to wait until today, because it’s the closest ‘blog update day’ to my 17th wedding anniversary, which is tomorrow.

(Wow, it feels kind of weird to type that.  Not that I didn’t think we’d make it this long.  No, it’s because I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that much time has already past.)

Being married to Jeff is, in a word, uplifting.  He is one of the most positive, happy, and genuinely joyful people I know.  If there is something good to be focused on, that’s where you’ll find him looking.  Whereas I can find the clouds in life, he’s busy pointing out all the silver linings.  Even when he was going through the wringer known as chemotherapy in 2008, he could make the nurses in the chemo ward laugh.  He would encourage me on a down day, apologize for the rough days (until I told him to quit it – it wasn’t his fault, after all), and not waver in his trust in God.  His circumstances, I remember him saying, did not change God’s Word.

Jeff is also good at ‘finding the funny’.  He often makes me laugh.  I remember saying early in our marriage I would have laugh lines before anything else.  And I think it has come to pass.  I’m more than okay with it.

He is the definition of gregarious – and to think he was quite shy as a child.  Now he can (and does) strike up a conversation with pretty near anybody.  He is not a perfect man, but he is most definitely a godly man and a good man.

Jeff is my best friend.  He is my encourager.  He is the best husband for me because he is God’s gift to me.  And I am so very thankful.

Happy anniversary (almost!), sweetie!  I love you.  ^_^

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