A Coffee and Some Cheetos Friday

'My Work Desk' photo (c) 2008, David Joyce - license: Scott loves God, his wife, and Cheetos.  Squirrels are pretty neat in his book, he hates Snuggies (which almost makes up for his love of Crocs (sorry, Duane, but I'm not a fan)) and reading his blog will probably lead to you wanting to read more poetry.  At least that has been my experience. He's a young man with an old poet's soul.  He also has wondered why his blog is so popular.

Here are a few of my theories:

    1. Duane writes from the heart:  He's not scared to share his dreams, or to say he's feeling a little overwhelmed.  Nor is he shy about sharing his love of Cheetos.
    2. Duane is funny:  If you didn't catch that from the Cheetos link, then maybe you should check out this link, and then head over to this one before sending Duane a quick e-mail asking him to please write some more 'Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday' columns (even if all of them are about toilets).
    3. Duane know how to write an 'about me' page for his blog.  Seriously, you should read it.  And while you're there, read about his co-blogger Keviana.  She, too, deftly handles the funny and the serious parts of life, making her a good blogging match for Duane.


So throw away your Snuggie, grab a bag of Cheetos, and sit a spell with Duane as he shares about God, life, writing, and anything in-between.

*Yes, this was published at roughly 10:50 PM, MST, on Thursday, Aug. 11/11.  But my last scheduled post didn't work so well and as I'm putting in a full day at the office tomorrow, I want to be sure everything is tickety-boo when I still have the time to work out any snags.

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