A Coffee and Some Favourites Friday

I was working on the following post while vacationing with family and friends in the mountains, but the cabin we were staying at had sporadic internet connection issues. Mainly the wi-fi connection would go kaput while I was trying to publish a blog post. So here is what I was working on for Wednesday, now tweaked for Friday. Plus with Wylio drastically cutting down on the amount of downloads people with a free account can make, I really didn't want the picture to go to waste. ;-)'Cliffside Beach Umbrellas, 1950s.' photo (c) 2003, Nantucket Historical Association - license:

While last week I had to take some downtime so I could recuperate from a stomach bug, this week my downtime is 100% voluntary, being enjoyed while I am healthy (yay!) with family and friends in the mountains.

Now I was all prepared (and last night even made several attempts) to do up a movie review of sorts for Thor (which I enjoyed overall, even with the 'rushed redemption' of the hero), but today that has all sort of flown out the window.  Today there are plans to see Captain America, arguments over how horrible "The Duck Song" truly is, and memories being shared amongst the adults of the best songs from the 80s.

So that got me to thinking of some of my favourite things as of late:

1. Bath and BodyWorks Signature Collection: Carried Away - I have the shower gel, body butter, and fragrance mist. With key fragrance notes of raspberries, white jasmine, and vanilla, it is a wonderful summer scent that is great for my skin. I'm especially enjoying the body butter as it doesn't feel heavy or greasy -- key for hot summer days.

2. Author Jasper Fforde's Nursery Crime series - At present, there are only two books (The Big Over Easy and The Fourth Bear) with only one more planned to complete the series, but the investigations of DI Jack Spratt and the Nursery Crime Division are a delightful offshoot of the Fforde's Thursday Next series. Full of humour, great plot twists, and literary allusions, they are a definite win on my reading list.

3. Peter Furler's first solo CD On Fire - Formerly of the popular band Newsboys, Furler's new CD, full of his signature sound, is getting heavy play on my iPod. A few standouts for me are "I'm Alive", "Reach", "All in Your Head" and "Greater is He".

4. Best tribute to the 80s video - Okay, I don't know if there are any other tribute videos to a particular decade. But if anyone else decides to do one, they should take a look at and a listen to "In the 80s" by Rhett & Link.

I hope you're all able to enjoy a favourite thing or two this weekend!

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