A Coffee and a Hello/Goodbye Friday

A Coffee and a Hello/Goodbye Friday

To the best of my memory, I've never been truly late to a party.  I know there are times when I've shown up late-ish:  Things are already well underway, food is being consumed, coats are piled high on the bed in the designated 'coat room', and pockets of conversation are truly beginning to gel.

But this get-together I am well and properly late to. And I wish I wasn't. For through my readings this past week of the blog penned by Sara Frankl (aka gitzen girl) and of some of the stories penned by the many people who know her best, I think we might have got along and maybe even been friends.  I know I certainly would have learned much from her about how to choose joy.

So hello, Sara Frankl.

And goodbye.

Thank you, for even in this brief window of time I've had to get to know about you, you have taught me about choosing joy.  Because too often I get too wrapped up in 'me' and fail to do that.  So again -- thanks.  :)


*Photo Credit: tracy the astonishing (Creative Commons)

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