Compliments:  Message (Reluctantly) Received

Compliments: Message (Reluctantly) Received

“Everybody likes a compliment.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

I’m not normally one to argue with presidents (especially dead presidents), but I wonder if everyone really does like a compliment.  Though as I think about it a bit more, I suppose everyone does, deep down, like a compliment.

We just don’t always know how to receive one.

Take the one I heard yesterday.  Someone complimented my writing on this blog.  She even went so far as to say I am a “good writer”.  Now did I respond with a “thank you” and “glad you’re reading my blog” or any combination of the two?


I countered with (and my mother will verify this), “Well, I can fake it pretty well sometimes.”

Yes, because the time and effort I put into this is all about me being the best faker I can be.  @_@

Now I’m not claiming to be a completely transparent person in terms of my actions and motivations and the like.  (Who wants to be physically transparent?  Ick!)  In some ways and areas, I have adopted the mantra of “fake it until I make it”.  I can be motivated by pride and ‘look at me!  look at me!’ desires.  And sometimes I’m still firmly ensconced behind walls and baggage for reasons I’m not all that clear on at this point in time, but which keep the real me from being seen.  But I am trying to change.  (Even if it’s a baby step at a time.)

As such, I can also learn to have my ‘knee-jerk’ response to a compliment be a simple ‘thank you’ as opposed to a self-deprecating remark.  So to the readers of this blog, thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I do genuinely appreciate it.



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