Confessions of a Serial Blogger

Confessions of a Serial Blogger

I can’t remember when or why I started blogging. Suffice it to say I felt I had words worth sharing and that others might want to read those words. There were a lot of stops-and-starts, mind you. There have been at least three deleted blogs and a variety of posts that have been lost due to computer crashes and a lack of proper backups.

It wasn’t until I set up my last Blogger blog in 2007 that I determined to stick with it, no matter what. Low traffic stats, a quiet comments section, and/or messy posts – this stuff was not going to go the way of the delete button. Even after moving to my present location last May, I have kept with it. I’m trying more often than not to incorporate things I have learned from the Killer Tribes Blogging Community, to find my voice, to keep going when it’s a struggle.

(Though I must confess to wanting to kick Jon Acuff in the shins when he shared last week his first blog wasn’t very successful. Apparently, on an average day he had only 50 views. I’m rocking it if I get close to those numbers. In my defense, however, my mom’s not computer-literate (and hence not on any computer) so she can’t boost my traffic stats.)

Still, though, I have days like today when I’m sorely tempted to hit the ‘delete’ button with a happy flourish.  Then, for a while, I can pretend I never made another failed foray into the blogosphere. The not-great stats and few comments, the teeny tribe and the posts where I wrote in a voice not my own in an attempt to grow all the previous things will be gone. Erased. Remembered no more.

Except I never really forget them.

Nor, I think, should I be trying to. Because in order to not finish where I start, I need to remember where I started. I can’t tell what sort of progress has been made otherwise. And looking back, progress has been made. I also need to remember I’m always going to have things to learn, to improve upon. That’s not just how blogging is – it’s simply how life is.

(Plus, what is success for Jon Acuff is not necessarily how success is to look for me. We’re all different – God doesn’t mass-produce His plans for His kids. That’s pretty mind-boggling when you think about it.)

So I’ll keep plugging away, a blog post at a time. And I’ll see about getting my mom online as well. It couldn’t hurt.

Photo Credit: Julie Rybarczyk ©2010 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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