Doctor Who:  An Introduction

Doctor Who: An Introduction


A word to the wise: Be careful about what interests of your spouse you mock. My husband grew up in a home where sci-fi and fantasy books, programs, and games were the norm. Jeff wasn’t into the fantasy-end of things by the time we met and married, but still enjoyed episodes of various Star Trek series and the like. I would watch various ones with him, especially the original series of Star Trek, as it was a fun, campy sort of a show. (Plus William Shatner starred in it, he is Canadian by birth, so the Canadian Code meant I was obligated to watch at least an episode or two every so often.)

But there was one program I would not sit down and watch with him:  Doctor Who. From the snippets I had seen, it was beyond campy good fun. It was cheesy, over-acted, and silly. I did not care that the favourite television show from my husband’s youth was back on the air. Not even the British accents, sometimes tongue-in-cheek humour, or the sweeping orchestral score from this BBC-produced show could entice me . . . at first.

Gradually I watched longer snippets. And maybe ask a question or two. Jeff would happily answer me. Then he would tease me about it only being a matter of time before I, too, was watching the adventures of the Doctor (a time-travelling humanoid alien) as he bounced through time and space in his TARDIS – his sentient time machine that looks like an old British police call box and is, as many a travelling companion has noted, ‘bigger on the inside’.

“Ha, ha!” I would think (and sometimes say aloud). “Shows what he knows!”

Indeed. Dr Whophoto © 2006 Louise Docker | more info (via: Wylio) “The daft old man who stole a magic box and ran away.”  ~The Doctor, about himself in Doctor Who, ep. 5.13, “The Big Bang” written by Steven Moffat

For one evening while Jeff was out fly-fishing (which I am supportive of in a non-mocking manner), I decided to give this program he would not stop watching despite my teasing a look on You Tube. I would approach it the way I thought Jeff did – as a show that didn’t always take its self too seriously, was fun, and told a decent story. And sometimes, yes, it was campy and a bit cheesy. It could be – as sci-fi is wont to do – dismissive of religion.

But it was also fun and imaginative, along with creepy and suspenseful, sweet and poignant. It was peppered with imperfect characters doing their best in seemingly impossible situations. Sometimes they did the wrong thing – the Doctor included – and the results were maddening. And running – there was (and is) a lot of running.

So now I join my husband as we watch a mad man with a blue box go racing through the universe (though he spends a lot of time in England – imagine that!), helping people, saving civilizations and righting what wrongs he can.

Now I’m much more careful before teasing Jeff about his hobbies. I don’t think I have the time to pick up any more.  ツ

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