Eureka: A Gem of a Program

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My husband has a knack for stumbling across good TV shows. And it’s not that he even watches a lot of TV. He just happens to be surfing around for a little bit one evening, something will catch his attention, and away he (and usually we) will go. It happened with The Big Bang Theory, appears to be happening with (of all things) Swamp People, and occurred quite quickly with Eureka.

Once the fabled cry of geniuses making a long sought-for discovery, ‘eureka’ is now synonymous with one of the best science-fiction programs on television. But don’t let the science-fiction label scare you off. Eureka has a well-balanced blend of humour (often tongue-in-cheek), drama, and character-driven storylines about ‘everyman’ Jack Carter and his life with a town full of geniuses and top-secret projects in the fictional town of Eureka, Oregon to appeal to non-geeks as well.

Even after four seasons, it has managed to remain fresh and engaging. A good overview of the show can be found here, and below is the television promo from the show's first season:

Eureka airs on the Space Channel in Canada and on the SyFy network in the United States.

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