Finish Year Reflections

Finish Year Reflections

Today is day 158 of 2012’s Finish Year challenge, and as I look at the list of goals tacked to the bulletin board above my desk, I’m tempted to hide out in a pit of discouragement. Very little has been accomplished.

The house’s Pockets of Doom are not all that much closer to being de-cluttered, never mind organized.

The Secret Lives of Baristas is making some progress in terms of characters and a few scene ideas, but there isn’t a rough draft in progress yet.

I have three books in progress, so the ‘read 12 books’ goal isn’t off the rails yet.

I’m doing my devotional reading pretty near every day, if not in the morning, so that’s good.

And Jeff and I get together with people regularly, if not at our house. So that’s progressing as well in a sense (just not how I thought it should).

(So I haven’t blown it completely . . .)

But isn’t that the way our plans so often go? We have so many things we want to do, but they don’t turn out the way we had hoped within the time frame we had envisioned. Our gut reaction is to give up altogether or to call our failures signs of us being out of God’s will. “This must not be what He really wanted me to do,” we may say. “He’s leading me down a better path.” Or if we go with option A, we are simply losers who will never accomplish anything. God shows up, and we, doing our best Eeyore impersonation, wait for Him to take our one talent away.

And sometimes we do make plans and set up time frames that are out of God’s will. We get a grand idea in our heads and hearts and then proceed to hit the ground running without getting God’s mind on the matter.

But other times . . . other times we are in God’s will. We may even be somewhat close with the time frame and a host of other details. Yet we have mucked it up. We’ve dawdled when we should have dashed. We looked down when we should have been looking up. Any way a good plan could have gone, we have managed to take the wrong fork in the road.

That does not mean God has written us off, though, or that there is no way we can ever hope to end up where God has destined us to be. It means the route has changed.

So where I would like to call it quits on certain things, I am hesitant to do so because I don’t know yet where God would have me go next. He’s not surprised to see me where I am right now. My mistakes have not altered His plans. It doesn’t take certain consequences or circumstances away, mind you, but again – His plans have not been altered.

What does need to be altered is me – my habits, my thoughts and beliefs about this, that, and the other. Because I don’t believe progress is made simply because I can check some items off a list. Progress is also made when I change. When I grow into the person God made me to be.

God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them. -Author Unknown

I still have plenty of growing to do in 2012. How about you?

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