Finish Year Update

Finish Year Update


Reports are – at least according to Quote Garden – somewhere there is (or was) a billboard advertisement with the following slogan:

Success is 10% inspiration, 90% last-minute changes.

That about sums up how 40% of my Finish Year goals are progressing – they are past the 10% inspiration part and are firmly into the ‘last-minute changes’ realm. (This, in turn, entrenches the idea time is indeed a bit wibbley-wobbley.)

You see, when these Finish Year goals were put on paper I was, on the whole, working from 1 – 5 PM, Mondays through Fridays. I have been on this particular schedule for a few years now, and while I have had a day or a week or two of working full-time for various reasons, was expecting 2012 to hold much of the same.

But so far for this year, the majority of the days I have worked have started at 8 AM and finished at 5 PM.  And I am thankful for these extra hours. They are an answer to prayer as my husband and I work to take care of some personal debt.

Yet, silly/foolish person that I can be, I find myself warring with the feeling these extra hours are seriously throwing a wrench into my plans. There are times, I confess, when I do not see the blessing of the extra income because I’m too focused on the decrease in available hours to de-clutter the house and plot out a novel. (So much for my One Word “today”, it would seem.)

This past weekend I even found myself wondering if perhaps these goals were somehow ‘wrong’ for me. Maybe I was the one who had done all the plotting and planning. Maybe God doesn’t care about the state of my house. Perhaps this is His way of saying stories about spies in coffee houses would be a waste of time.

And yet . . .

. . . I wonder.

I wonder if I am looking for a reason, a good excuse to give up because now these goals are hard. No longer are they things I can schedule with relative ease into my day. Now they require work and sacrifice and getting up earlier when I would rather be sleeping. “Today” is asking me to hustle, well, today. And not just for one day, but for a whole slew of ‘todays’. In a row!

So do I keep whining about the ‘wrench’ in the plan? Or do I see it for the tool it is – something that can help me loosen up certain things while tightening up others?

Hmmm . . .

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