Coffee and Some Fly Fishing Friday

Fly Fishing on the River Severnphoto © 2008 Kasper Sorensen | more info (via: Wylio)My husband is an avid fly fisherman. Avid as in “Honey, you should come fishing with me because it’s the bestthingtodoever!” And 99% of the time, I just smile and say, “Have fun!” as he packs up his fly rod and chest waders. Meanwhile I am plotting how quickly I can get to Chapters and then into a comfy chair at the in-store Starbucks.Starbucksphoto © 2010 Tom Raftery | more info (via: Wylio) Now while some couples do like to spend all of their time together and share most (if not all) common interests, I like that my husband and I have some divergent hobbies. I can’t speak with 100% accuracy for my husband, but I really do enjoy hearing him talk about his hobbies, whether it is fly-fishing or computers or the like. And recently he and his fishing buddy added something new to the mix: Podcasts about fly-fishing. And other people – to the tune of 300+ downloads from iTunes as of last weekend –like what these two guys with a shared passion for fly-fishing and computers/techno-geeky things have to say.

So if you enjoy fly-fishing or know someone who does, head on over to Caught With Our Flies Down and check out the links.  Even though I haven’t jumped on the fly-fishing pontoon (wagons don’t float), I have listened to a couple of the podcasts and they are very well done.  These guys enjoy what they do both from a fishing and technical end of things and it comes through in the podcasts.

What hobby (or hobbies) are you currently enjoying?

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