God's Plan = My Plan?

I read a short but very interesting post on Pastor Steven Furtick's blog last month.  In it, he challenged readers to stop asking God what His plan is for their lives and to start asking Him what His plan is and how their lives can fit into it.  It has been bouncing around in my head -- and finding its way into what I hope are sincere prayers on my part -- ever since. 'Reading (30th/52)' photo (c) 2008, Alexandre Normand - license: area in which I've been wondering how I can fit into God's plan is in regards to my writing.  Even with all the fiction bits 'n' pieces I have penned, I still struggle at times with the 'validity' of my desire to write in this broad genre.  On some days I'll think it's all hunky-dory and grand to do so, recalling such favourite novels as Christy and My Life as a Doormat and pretty near anything penned by Jane Austen.  Then on other days, I'll declare it all to be vanity and wonder why I wasted so much time writing the things that I have.  I should only write about 'real life stuff' and other what-nots I don't always do a good job of pinning down.  (I wonder if it's possible to make God dizzy with all my back-and-forth arguments.  I know it's not, mind you, but there are days where I definitely accomplish that on some level with myself (and my husband, who gets to hear all my ramblings).)

There's no answer gleaming on the horizon of this particular question just yet.  Or, if there is, I'm not seeing it, distracted as I am looking for my sunglasses because, darn it, it's bright outside!

On somewhat of a side note, I do want to thank Andrea for commenting here on my NaNoWriMo sample, as well as thank Minnie and Lindsey for commenting on it on Facebook.  And a big thanks to Jeff for reading three pages hastily thrust at him with a mumbled "It's not edited" and then telling me what he liked about it.  (Because neither of us is 100% satisfied with a general "It's good".)  I really appreciate it!


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