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Thanks to Bryan Allain and the great community of bloggers at the Killer Tribe Blogger Community, I participated in the ABC (Anonymous Blog Critiques) Project this past week. The ABC Project worked like this:

  1. Bryan e-mailed each participant links to the blogs of two other community members participating in the project.
  2. You then had a week to review each of the two blogs, making notes of your first impressions, what you thought each blogger was doing well and could improve on, etc. You then e-mailed your reviews/critiques back to Bryan.
  3. Bryan then forwarded the anonymous critiques of your blog to you.


It was a challenging experience. Not only did I have to look at other blogs with a more critical eye, I also had to keep myself from trying to glitz up my blog before the review period in order to garner more favourable* reviews.

'Change' photo (c) 2010, Shawn Carpenter - license:’m happy to report my blog does not suck. However, my suspicions that a theme change may be in order were confirmed (I’m a bit limited in what I can tweak with the one I’m currently using), as well as the need to sharpen my focus. One reviewer said they liked the ‘slice of life’ feel to my blog. But then I was also challenged to provide more provocative content, something that will leave them wanting to come back for more as it were.

All that was to say there is going to be some tinkering happening at This Time Around. As much as I love the whimsy and simplicity of the current theme, it does need some ‘pop’.  And I do want to figure out what the purpose of this blog ought to be. I don’t want to try to be something I’m not in the process, but the content could be better.

This is where you come in. If you have read this blog and thought Hey, I’d really like to see Michelle do more/less of _______ on her blog then feel free to fill in that blank in the comments section or via an e-mail to me at . There is no pressure for you do so (as well as no bribes/incentives – sorry), but any feedback you do offer will be greatly appreciated as I work to make this blog be the best it can be.

Thanks for reading!

N.B.: By changing the theme of my blog, I should have clarified that means I'm looking at changing the look of my blog. My bad!

*I don’t think I have mentioned I live in Canada. Well, I do! And in Canada we have kept the British spelling of words such as ‘favourable’ and ‘colour’ and the like. In case you were wondering about things like that.

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