The Importance of Rest

For the past while now I've been working on becoming more of a 'go-getter' if you will. I have spent a lot of time talking about doing various things, but as the clock keeps ticking steadily forward regardless of what I do or do not do, it is starting to sink in I can talk all I want. Eventually I've got to start doing something. And as can so easily happen, I cut back on my rest.'99/365: Relax' photo (c) 2011, Andrés Nieto Porras - license:

Oh, I was still getting a decent amount of physical sleep.  But I wasn't taking time to rest while awake.  I deemed myself too busy to deliberately set aside some time to meditate on God's Word or read a good book or talk with a friend on the phone without also working on something else.  I had a holiday to get ready for and a house to clean and things to do.  And it's good to have things to do.  We can start to go a little stir-crazy if we just sit around all day.  But God didn't include keeping a day of rest in the Ten Commandment because He had only nine and really wanted a 5-5 split on the stone tablets for Moses.  Nor did Jesus teach we would find rest for our souls in Him because He thought it would look nice on a wall plaque.  No, God knows our propensity for working ourselves into all kinds of corners and problems.  He knows we need to be reminded often to rest, especially in our 'go-go-go 24/7' culture.  

So in hindsight I'm not surprised to have been battling a stomach bug last week.  I had vacation time to get ready for, housework to do, etc., etc.  And even with feeling under the weather, I would try to convince myself I wasn't feeling all that bad rather than give my body the rest it needed.  Until Friday, that is.  That is when I made myself rest.  I did the things that needed to be done, but before work and after I rested.  I read.  I watched TV.  I switched Bible reading plans.  I let my mind wander a bit.  I snoozed.  And it felt . . . good.  I was recharged.  And I thank God for the reminder of the importance of rest even in the midst of the 'every day'.

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