In a Few Words

In a Few Words

Photo Credit: kenji ross ©2010 (Flickr via Creative Commons) About twenty-two years ago, I was told I was lucky my now-husband had asked me to marry him.

It wasn’t a “happy” lucky I heard. It was a “you’re lucky because he’s such a great guy and you’re lucky someone that great is asking someone like you to marry him.”

I can’t say for certain the second option was the intent of the words. But it’s what I heard, and I have carried it around for so long.

My husband and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary yesterday. Our marriage is by no means perfect. And I’ve felt – due in part to those words I heard all those years ago – that a good part of that is somehow my fault (even after sharing those words with my husband years ago and having him tell me such was definitely not the case).

But yesterday with a few pen strokes in his distinctive scrawl, my husband brought light into a dark corner of my heart.

What he wrote was this:

“_______ was wrong I’m the lucky one”

(In reality, we are each the lucky one.)

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