In Search of Geek Cred

In Search of Geek Cred


Hey, you guys – Star Trek: Into Darkness comes out on Thursday! The hubs and I are pretty excited about it, and have already purchased our tickets to see the show on Friday. May the movie as good as we hope it will be (because as many of us know, sequels can be dicey). Such was my excitement for our Friday plans I posted on Facebook and Twitter (I’m a social media machine, right?) about our advance ticket purchase. I even added how I felt I had moved up a level in some sort of Geek Challenge. Because really, I think I have. The earliest I usually buy movie tickets is earlier that same day, and never mind trying to see something on opening weekend.

But my bubble of geeky joy was soon burst. It turns out I had not moved up at all.

I know! I was as shocked as you are now upon hearing the news. Surely my advance purchase – 96 hours no less – for opening weekend tickets counted for something, right? And how about the links I had linked to for trailers for the show? And my reading of Entertainment Weekly articles pertaining to the film’s making and release couldn’t have all been for naught, could it?

Oh yes, yes it all could have been for nothing. All because of a lack of simple certain something (and confirmed by an informal poll of two people):

Spock ears.

See? He has the right ears.*

That’s right. Because I don’t have fake Vulcan ears, I am not allowed to talk about having achieved a new level of geek. Never mind the fact I have a TARDIS cookie jar, a TARDIS USB hub, a sonic screwdriver pen, along with one or two T-shirts of a decidedly geeky nature along with a few other odds and ends. Oh noooo, that doesn’t count because it all pertains to the "wrong" show.

How did I miss this? How did I make such a faux pas? Does this disqualify me now from the geek group? But how can it – what about Comic Con?!

Well, balderdash, I say. You heard me. Balderdash. For however you want to label it – geek, nerd, aficionado – I think we all have a bit of it in us for we all have things we get excited about, that we enjoy. And we don’t need to put on fake ears or T-shirts to prove it, either. For it will come out in our words and our actions.

(Guys, I’m about to Jesus Juke myself here, but it’s okay. I hope people see my love for Jesus in me more than they see my excitement over a movie. I really do.

But I’m still excited about the movie.)

*Photo Credit: richard ©2006 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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