iPod Repeat: "The Cave" by Mumford & Sons

Podphoto © 2008 Andrew Stawarz | more info (via: Wylio)I don’t know about you, but I’ll go through periods where I listen to a particular artist or CD or set of songs on my iPod a lot. My husband will attest to my recent spurt of interest in what he one day called, with a bit of frustration as I’m the unofficial DJ in our car, ‘banjo music’. (I’ll keep quiet about his belief the weekend has not officially started until we have cranked Group 1 Crew’s Live It Up at some point on a Friday evening.) Recently I found myself regularly hitting the ‘repeat’ button for Mumford & Sons song The Cave. (It’s one of the ‘banjo’ songs, so Jeff’s not with me while I listen to it. You’re welcome, sweetie.) While the band does not profess to be a Christian group, various lyrical bits from this song have been sticking with me and turning over in my mind:


  • “The sun, it rises slowly as you walk/Away from all the fears/And all the faults you've left behind” reminds me I need to leave my past in the past. And often do so anew each day.
  • “Now let me at the truth/Which will refresh my broken mind” makes me think of how Christ sanctified me ‘by the washing of the water with the word’ (Ephesians 5:26). Daily Bible reading isn’t just an item to check of my ‘to do’ list – it’s as necessary for me as my daily water intake.
  • “I’ll know my name as it’s called again” sent my mind drifting to white pebbles and new names (Revelation 2:17), to old pasts and new beginnings.
  • “You can understand dependence/When you know the maker's hand” makes me smile, because I’m thankful for that hand in my life. It does one’s faith and heart good, I think, to be able to look back on the tough times in particular, and see God’s hand guiding you and supporting you.


And as a whole, the song makes me think of David, a man anointed king yet living in caves with his seemingly ragtag group of men. They became mighty men of valor in those caves, finding strength in pain and holding onto hope. And that gives me hope, too.

What song or songs are speaking to you lately?

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