Leaving the Past Behind

Leaving the Past Behind


I found my new black shoeswhile cleaning out the bones left in my closet They were there with a bad excuse Bon Voyage

~ “The Lining is Silver” by Relient K


It’s interesting how often I will go and try to fix an unfixable event.  Harsh words spoken or written then read by the intended party?  Wrong choices made?  Time wasted?  The list could go on ad infinitum, but there isn’t any time or beneficial purpose in yanking so many bones out of the closet.   Nor can I fix any of those things, no matter how much time and effort I put into it.  (Trust me, I’ve tried.)

But guess what?  I’m finally starting to grasp that in a practical, living-it-out sort of a way.  Oh, this morning I struggled with it, but yesterday in particular it struck me how much I’m looking forward to entering the 4th decade of my life.  Yes, there are things behind me I wish were not there; but as I keep reminding myself God knows my story from beginning to end and from the end to the beginning.  And good and bad, there are things in this life that can still be used by God for good if I’ll let go and let Him do what He does best – doing impossible things with people like you and like me.  People like David and his mighty men, Gideon, Samson, Peter, John, Paul and countless others.

So rather than get caught up in the snares and traps of What If, If Only, and Should Have/Could Have/Would Have, let's leave those things behind and look ahead to Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2, NKV).  He knows what is around all the bends in the road and is more than able to help us travel the roads we are on.

* Photo Credit:  Luton Anderson (Creative Commons)

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