let it go (time enough)

let it go (time enough)

he whispered (to none and all)

“… let it go. Time enough.”
(Ready for the final farewell,
the last toll of the last bell.)

… then …

a tear, a plea … life again … briefly
the last call was not muted
merely delayed


(For: hope needed rekindling to
light a few darkened horizons.)

(For: bittersweet endings to blossom into
brightly chaotic beginnings (brillilant!))

one final run
(hope returned, strength found)

the work here

“ … time enough …
i let you go …”

time, time, time
for good bye

A little something as this “Doctor Who” fan bids farewell to the 12th Doctor.
And a brilliant farewell from TheGaroStudios on YouTube (if you’re also a fan): 

* Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Discomfort & Risk & Change, Oh My!

Discomfort & Risk & Change, Oh My!

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Reflections & Beginnings