Looking for Wisdom & Understanding

Looking for Wisdom & Understanding


Does not wisdom call out?Does not understanding raise her voice? ~Proverbs 8:1 (NIV)


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And so I’ve been in need of some wisdom lately. Or at least some sort of understanding as to how to get ready for a Big Trip without freaking out as my oh-so-solid travelling companion – that would be my husband Jeff – won’t be going with me. Not that I’m dreading checking out parts of Europe with my older sister and her daughter. It’s going to be an adventure in (hopefully) all the best possible ways.

Maybe it’s because Jeff’s going to be on his own for a few weeks, but I’m feeling this compelling need to go through a good chunk of the clutter lurking behind various closed doors in our home in addition in figuring out how to pack light for three weeks of travel. Even though I’m now working full time. At a job where the Yearly Big Project is getting bumped up a couple of months. (Because they’re truly being awesome and allowing me to go on a European adventure.) And the crazy thought occasionally flutters at the periphery, twittering away with, “If something happens, he’s going to have a literal pile of junk to go through, you housekeeping failure, you.”

(I did say it was a crazy thought.)

And not only the literal clutter – there is also relational clutter we’re cautiously picking our way through, too. I’m sure every relationship has it to some degree – those corners or drawers or whatever other pockets of space you don’t jump into every day and sort out. It’s either because it’s a sore spot, a tender area, or one where you’re not sure who put the key where to unlock the thing. But yeah – the dust bunnies may have morphed into the storied dust rhinos of The Far Side fame …

And I’ve spread out a lot of ambiguous terminology, all to basically say this: I don’t want to leave a mess behind me. I want to leave well on this trip in every possible way.

So, in case the above pockets of paragraphs did not clarify my opening statement, I’ll say it again: I need some wisdom along with a generous dollop of understanding.

Isn’t it cool, then, that Wisdom is calling out? That Understanding raises her voice in order to be heard above the clang and clamor of fears and worries, of mistakes and regrets?

Lately, for me, Wisdom and Understanding have been heard in, of all things, the Coldplay tune Don’t Let It Break Your Heart. What first caught my attention about this particular song was its melodic structure, how the lyrics are not neatly divided between measures and into notes, how it seems to start in the middle of a story, a grand tale. There’s a loud brightness to the instrumentation that has to be at just the right level of loud if I’m listening to it alone. Then when I checked out the lyrics, and as I listened and pondered, the thought came to mind of how Wisdom is calling out as I’m calling out to, well, her (to go back to Proverbs 8:1):

And if I lost the map/If I lost it all/or fell into the trap Because I am genuinely directionally impaired … And sometimes I’m just plain stubborn in all the wrong ways and get myself all turned around as a result.

Then she’d call There’s Wisdom, calling out!

When you’re tired of racing and you/found you never left the start Because we’ve all spun our wheels a time or three hundred with something. Come on, baby/don’t let it break your heart Well, I can’t imagine Wisdom or Understanding calling me baby, but this is true: I don’t have to let false/missed starts break my heart.

Though heavily we bled/still on we crawl/Try to catch a cannonball Because sometimes you and I can be stubborn in the right way, and not give up, and try one more time to do what seems impossible. And a slow burning tide/through my veins is flowing Because certain things seem to be hardwired into us and we shouldn’t quit trying to figure out the best way to use them, share them, and to share a part of us in the process.

From the shipwreck I heard her call/and she sang Look. Sometimes there are going to be crappy things happening, either because of things I’ve mucked up, or because of things beyond/outside of my control. But that does not mean Wisdom and Understanding are not there and ready to lend a hand to help me get back on track again.

When you’re tired of aiming your arrows/still you never hit the mark/And even if your aims are shadows/still we’re never gonna part Because here’s the thing I’ve found to be true – in a pursuit of God and His truth, you won’t be left on the curbside by Him when you’ve missed the mark, when your aim is off. Because here’s a pretty fantastic promise:

If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You’ll get his help, and won’t be condescended to when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought. People who “worry their prayers” are like wind-whipped waves. Don’t think you’re going to get anything from the Master that way, adrift at sea, keeping all your options open. ~James 1:5-8 (MSG)

 Come on, baby/don’t let it break your heart

Come on, don’t let the fact you need help beat you down or make you feel ‘less than’. Because “… Those who search will surely find [wisdom and understanding].” (Proverbs 8:33b (NLT))

So keep working through the clutter, keep making plans and going on adventures big and small. And give the Coldplay tune a listen below if you’d like (though it’s A-OK if you’d rather not). Also, thank you if you’d made it all the way to the end. I’m rather ramble-y today. Or at least I am on the page at present …

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