Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

Three days per week for nine weeks. Ten hours and 21-1/2 minutes logged.

It’s not a huge amount of time, really, in either days or hours or minutes.  It’s barely a blip in the span of eternity.  But it does mark a goal accomplished in this life.  Miles were walked/jogged, then jogged (one or two may have even been ran), even on the days where motivation and desire were not exactly high. For the latter, much thanks goes out again to my running buddy and to the people who encouraged me along the way.  I really appreciate it!

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, well, two must be pretty fantastic – even if they are squished together somewhat.  (Thanks to Jamie of Jamie’s Rabbits for the photo app recommendations!)

Now I need to settle on a new iPhone app to help me continue running.  For this week at least, I’m going to repeat week 9 for the ‘Couch to 5K’ program as I don’t want to lose my groove, as it were, and my running buddy has another week to go with her program.  Any suggestions?  (Please keep in mind I have an iPhone 3G, which rules out the Nike+ app.  Drats.)

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