On Making Space (Sporadically)

On Making Space (Sporadically)

I’m trying to shuffle some things around so I can make room to work on things pertaining to this:

But there was no recognition in the other man’s eyes, not when he looked at Artie, nor when he glanced around The Blue Bean Coffee House. Not even a millisecond’s worth. He just stood there with a name not his own stitched on a dark blue cotton button-up shirt, toolkit in hand as he waited for Artie to finish filling him in on what had been going on with the espresso machine prior to its untimely demise.

That is a snippet* from a novel I’ve been working on/ignoring/stressing out about for the last few years. A novel I have determined to actually write at least a right and proper first draft of in order to determine if an actual book can be fashioned from it. An idea that, deep down, I’m not sure I can bring to fruition. But that particular worry needs to be dealt with another time. Or maybe it’s tied up with another dip I either keep encountering, or have yet to get out of:

Making time to write this story.

And there are two things I keep running up against in this particular struggle. First, I flit from one thing, to the next, to another, and oh, look over there! So many things to do and see and check out! It has contributed to a myriad of things being begun – books, ‘to do’ lists around the house, writing projects, etc. – and not completed. I’m a great starter, but am not (yet) a great finisher.

Secondly, I don’t know what to cut out, or trim back, or even put aside for a time from all I currently do now. I’m trying to get more sleep, not less; to exercise more regularly, to get my introverted self out more, and finish some books and house projects, and … well, in a nutshell, I need to figure out where (and to what) to say ‘no’ so I can say ‘yes’ to more time with my butt in the chair** and putting one word after another until I have a completed story on the page.

But how, and to whom and what, and for how long? I could go for a list showing up on my desk, spotlight shining on it, the trill of a heavenly chorus letting me know “This is what you need to do! Follow these steps, in order, and All Will Be Well!”

If only, hey? Instead, I’m fighting to hold onto everything even as I see important, valuable things tumbling from my grasp with more things threatening to hit the ground as well.


I’ll get this sorted, I will. I’ll keep plugging away on this with the time I have chipped out. And I’ll figure out where and when to say the right ‘yes’ and the best ‘no’ in order to add to it. I’ve just got to keep on swimming, right? Right.

*Note this snippet could ultimately bite the dust.

**To my chiropractor’s consternation, I’m sure. :-p

+Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

A Time

A Time