On Breaks & Stories

On Breaks & Stories

The year was 2009. The day was Wednesday, the twenty-third of December.

December 23rd, 2009.


Any way you type it or write it, it was the day I began to post online what was to be a short-ish story where the fictional television worlds of House, M.D. and Doctor Who merged for a snowy, Christmas-themed day or two. Short-ish, that is, until two chapters turned into three chapters posted with a fourth one penned, and an epilogue that is being difficult to complete. Oh, and it’s now April of 2017.  Wait – what?!

IT’S TWO THOUSAND AND SEVENTEEN. And I’m not yet done this story. (Titled, wittily in my opinion, A Tale of Two Doctors – keep any disagreement(s) on that to your self, please. Ha, ha! No, but seriously … shhhh!)

Seriously – how have SEVEN YEARS and just over FOUR MONTHS gone by?? Talk about something, to borrow a British turn of phrase, going pear-shaped. I could blame the story’s characters, my own tendencies to start things and then not finish/forget about them, and insecurities/doubts about the validity of wanting to simply tell a (please let it be) good story. Because I believe the significant delays in getting this done are all jumbled up in the preceding sentence. And sometimes a rabbit trail looks quite interesting and like it’ll go somewhere good, only for you to soon find yourself wondering which end is up and how will this tale ever end?

That’s why I didn’t post here last week – I was determined to pin this squiggly creature down and FINISH THE STORY. But here I am staring down an amended deadline and still the Doctor can’t seem to determine which course of action he’s going to take and House is unconscious in a medical bay somewhere being quite unhelpful at the moment.


But you know what is kind of crazy? What I realized as I typed out this post? I love it. No, really—I love it. I love that I’m frustrated, that I’m trying to figure out these characters while ideas and what-nots pertaining to stories and characters not borrowed from others simmer on backburners. I find myself wondering how to do this more, how to get better, how to get this tale done to prove that I can finish a story before moving onto stories of my own.

It’s rather brilliant, this finding and becoming more of what you were made to be, to do. Even with all the flubs and missteps and mistakes – to pick yourself up again and to keep trying, to keep working, knowing something is plain off-kilter if you don’t.

So, yeah – that’s a little discovery for the day. And how about you? What sorts of pursuits do you keep returning to even as you’re challenged and frustrated by them? Feel free to ponder it quietly or to share if you will. I’ve got a couple of doctors I’ve got to get sorted out on the page …

(You can read what I’ve posted to date for A Tale of Two Doctors here. I’ll let you know when the almost-epic tale has reached its conclusion.)

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in the middle

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