On Trust and Hope

On Trust and Hope


At the end of last year/start of this year, I was pondering what my One Word* for 2014 should be, and settled on trust with Psalm 37:3 as the anchoring verse. I have been reminded of that word and verse these last few weeks, what with its twisty roads and foggy horizons.

Trust. (Because there seem to be no solid answers for some things right now.) Do good. (Even as I want to be a jerk when particularly stressed or frustrated.) Live safely. (Despite – or in spite of – some current circumstances.) Prosper. (Because what is meant for destruction God can turn around for good.)

I’ve stumbled more than I’ve steadfastly surged ahead in this area, though. At least I think I have (I’m told I can be too hard on myself with such things). It’s easy to declare, “I trust in God one hundred and ten percent!” when things are going well, after all. But when you find yourself wondering/hoping you’re caught in a horrible Lifetime movie? Well, then you find out where and in what your trust truly lays.

So with trust having been and continuing to be cultivated, it seems right somehow that my One Word for 2015 is this:


Particularly as an archaic definition of hope according to is “to place trust; rely (usually followed by in).”

And I recently settled on the following Scripture as its anchor:

“…rejoicing in hope; enduring in troubles; continuing steadfastly in prayer;” - Romans 12:12 (WEB)

I went with the WEB (World English Bible) translation for I like the way it jumps right into the middle of the action. I know there is a starting point and an ending point, but neither one is easy to see right now. Yet, in the middle of it all is hope. Hope to make it through today. Hope for better tomorrows.

I look forward to seeing how this grows and takes root in 2015.

Winter trail from Flickr via Wylio

Happy New Year, all! And thank you for your support in 2014! I truly appreciate it and you.


*Hopefully the linked-to Web site is up and running again. My apologies if it’s not.

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