Planning or Procrastinating?

homework broke the camel's backphoto © 2009 Emergency Brake | more info (via: Wylio)I've been putting off doing a good spring cleaning of my house for awhile now.  Oh, my house isn't ready to be on Hoarders (I hope), but it is definitely time to give it a good go-through.  Papers and brick-a-brack need to be properly dealt with, closets gone through, etc., etc. Yet I delay.

It's not that my schedule is full to the brim with commitments.  I still find time to go out with my husband, see a movie with friends, watch an episode or two of Doctor Who.  Laundry is done, meals are cooked, words are wrote . . . YouTube videos are watched.

Yeah, I'm not too busy.  But I keep thinking I need a plan, an outline of sorts, to help me properly tackle this project.  I can't possibly just pick a room and start cleaning, can I?  Didn't Jesus say we are to 'count the cost' before starting a new project?  To have a plan so we don't end up leaving a job half-done because we can't finish it?  I wouldn't want anyone mocking me or deriding God because I never finished my spring cleaning!  Oh, the horrors!

Oh, puh-leeze!

Here are the facts:

  1. My house is full of stuff I don't need/need to properly store.
  2. I think I need a list/plan/outline to be able to properly get rid of /properly organize the stuff in my house.
  3. And that may be true, but I have yet to even make a list.  Seriously.  And I have mentioned before how I love outlines.
  4. The cost of continuing to not do anything -- list making-wise or (and most importantly) cleaning-wise is a messier house.


Now I'm not knocking lists or plans or outlines.  But I will say in this instance the 'need' I feel to make one is simply a delay tactic.  It's a distraction disguised as a necessary action. So in this situation, it seems the best course of action is to quit worrying about making a list and just. start. cleaning.

What projects have you  been putting off under the guise of 'needing a really good plan'?

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