Procrastination:  Less Whining, More Doing

Procrastination: Less Whining, More Doing

Procrastination is the thief of time. – Edward Young

Procrastination thieved not only a good chunk of the last few mornings in my house, but it was also well on it’s way to gobbling up today’s blog post.


I know I have no one but myself to blame.  My husband didn’t wish me a pleasant morning of procrastination before he headed off to work.  I didn’t ask God to help me really refine my procrastination skills so I could put things off more effectively today.  (Nor would He do such a thing if I’d been silly enough to ask for it.)  Nope, I just dawdled.  And it’s weird how I keep delaying taking action on certain things because I certainly can be grumpy about the various incomplete projects surrounding me.

The nastiest thing about procrastination is how it keeps looping back on its self. The tasks I put off today don’t go away because I delay doing them.  And life being life, other jobs and things to do are added to a soon-burgeoning pile.  Then I’m overwhelmed by all the things still left undone, and I off doing anything until tomorrow or some other nebulous point in the future.

Add.  Ignore.  Stress.  Repeat.

People did offer some good advice, web links and encouragement when I previously blogged about this bad habit of mine, and I appreciated every bit.  But now I need to take the first step into putting these things into practice.  Not complain about it, not blog about it, not even pray about it because I know what I need to do.  I need to take the first bite of the proverbial elephant.  Once I’ve got out from under the weight of the irony on procrastinating on changing my procrastinating ways, that is.

*Photo Credit:  wwarby (Creative Commons)

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