Revisiting: A Coffee and an Empty Tomb Friday

Revisiting: A Coffee and an Empty Tomb Friday

I  was thinking about what to post for Good Friday this year, and was looking for a different post from a few years ago to share here again, actually. But as I was reading this one from last year, I found it all still resonated with me. So perhaps it will resonate with you, too. ~*~

In case you were wondering, I’m still listening to Rivers in the Wasteland by Needtobreathe a lot. I know – going on three days later and amazingly I still love it! Seriously though – this is a good album and you can sample it here.


I feel like I need to have something deep and profound for today’s blog post. It is Good Friday, after all. I can’t offer up hollow or pretentious or clichéd words on Easter weekend. Not when many Christians take this time to remember and reflect on just how big and deep and wide the love of God is for all mankind.

It’s a bit intimidating, really.

But these words have been settling into me recently:

“The tomb is empty so that we don’t have to be.” –Michael Perkins

As things come my way that try to empty me, keep me from letting God into those spaces I guard diligently, I’m reminded of those words, of that image of an empty stone tomb and empty hearts about to be filled in order to change the world. And I whisper, “God, roll away those stones I have guarded for so long, that I have stamped my name and my warnings to not touch all over.” I don’t want to linger where there is no life.

Now this may mean there are some things I will have to give a proper burial. Others things may grow and bud with new life. It could be scary. It could be painful. It could be great.

Either way … The tomb is empty. I don’t have to be.

Happy Friday.

Photo Credit: David Leggett ©2010 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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